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Welcome to Mensa in Jersey

This is the website of the Jersey branch of Mensa.

That means the real Jersey and not the new one over in the USA. New Jersey was founded by a Jerseyman, Sir George Carteret, in 1664. We are one of the Channel Islands and located in the English Channel, a few miles from France. Also, we are about 100 miles south of England. If you still have not found us then look on your map at about 49 degrees 14 minutes North, 2 degrees 12 minutes West. Jersey is quite a small island with an area of just 45 square miles. Our resident population is now nearly 98,000 according to the latest census figures. There are about 70 members of Mensa here.

World Factbook about Jersey

Mensa is the High IQ Society and we are part of British Mensa. There are many other groups and regions throughout the world. In order to join us you just need to take a test to show that your Intelligence Quotient is in the top 2 percent. That is all that our members need have in common. We all have a wide variety of interests and ideas to exchange with each other. For more details you can check out the British Mensa web site.

I would like to expand this site with more pages, especially if other members can give me some material to add. You can find my e-mail address via the contacts link on this page so please get in touch. I will be happy to add extra pages or provide links to your own pages.

News of our local meetings and other events is shown further down this page.

Mensa Testing

If you are not yet a member and you are interested in taking the test then please get in touch with me or the British Mensa office. If you know anyone else who would like to take the test then please pass on this information. Click on the contacts and e-mail link lower down this page for information on how to get in touch with me.

If you have ever taken a supervised IQ test and achieved a suitable score then you could be eligible to join Mensa without any further testing. The requirement for membership is to show that you have an IQ in the top 2 percent of the population.

You could try a 10 minute on-line sample test that is on the Canadian Mensa web site. For a 30 minute sample test you can try this one on the Mensa International web site.

If you want take a test or if you know anyone else who does then please get in touch. You can find out about the next test session and book places by phoning Helen Oliver at the Mensa office on 01902 772771 or look at their page about testing and joining. This is to be found on Mensa IQ Tests.

The last scheduled test session that took place in Jersey in 2013 was on April 27th at 10:30 am in St. Paul's Centre. The next test session in Jersey in 2013 is scheduled to take place on November 23rd at 10:30 am at the Durrell Conservation Academy.

Please contact the office if anyone is interested in booking a test for the next session.

Lunch and Dinner Meetings and Other Events

Lunch or dinner gatherings are organised whenever members want to get together. If any local or visiting members would like to join us for some food and stimulating conversation please contact Janet whose eMail address is given below. We can then decide where and when to go.

For details and ideas for our next events please contact Janet so that we can decide what to do. Any new inspiration is always appreciated. As always you are welcome to bring family and friends along.

The Regional Officer for the Channel Islands

Our Regional Officer is Janet Carlin.

Janet can be contacted by email at:

The email addresses are shown graphically for security purposes and cannot be clicked. They must be typed in to send a message.

New Mensa Officers are needed in the Channel Islands

We need volunteers to help with running Mensa in the Channel Islands. The main positions are;

Editor for Thinks, our regional newsletter
Local Secretaries for both Jersey and Guernsey
SIGHT Officers for both Jersey and Guernsey

Any member who is interested is welcome to contact Janet whose email address is shown above.

We are hoping that it will be possible to arrange meetings soon in both Jersey and Guernsey to discuss the details.

The Sudoku Prize Competition

Members in the Channel islands have been invited to enter our Prize Competitions. The first Sudoku one was also shown in the August 2006 copy of Thinks, which is our newsletter. This competition is now over. If anyone still wants their solution checked you are welcome to send it to Lawrence Woolf either by snail-mail or by e-mail. Contact details are on the back page of Thinks or on our Contact Page.

A second Sudoku Prize Competition was included in the May 2008 copy of Thinks. Prizes of Mensa Coffee Mugs were sent to the first winning entries from both the Bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey that were received before the end of June.

The competition puzzles are also shown on the Sudoku page of our web site. You can download larger copies, either as Word documents or as a PDF files, for printing out on an A4 sheet of paper. You can also print out plain grids or numbered ones in both formats.

The Sudoku Page

Webmaster: Lawrence Woolf

I would like to hear from other Mensans from anywhere, local or distant. Please let me know if you are going to visit Jersey or just give me a link to your web site.

Local Links

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M-Channel-Islands web page on Yahoo
The e-SIG for Radio Amateurs - M-AmRad
The e-SIG for Humanists - M-HuManism
The Science Fiction group - M-SciFi

For information on some of our members, including their e-mail addresses, have a look on our local contacts page.

Local Contacts and E-Mail

More Distant Links

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